So, as all of you know that I started a special post called”WEEKLY QUESTIONS” on 29th of September. Also I continued this series. Last week’s question was,According to you what does it cost us to be a dancer?
Three bloggers answered my question -Rekha sahay,Amit Kumar Jha and Sreedhar Bhattaram. Out of these i found the best answer was written by-

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So as you already know that I started a special post called “WEEKLY QUESTIONS” last week. So we are going to continue this series. I had said that the best answer to my question will be shown on my blog homepage and so is it. You can find the answer on the right sidfebar of the blog. The answer was written by
Arohii, the blogger of the awesome blog ” JOIE DE VIVRE ” Do check out her blog out and I am sure you will like it. The other answers were given by Tomichan Matheikal, Dilip Kumar and Urvashi. I would like to thank you all for answering to this question. If you had missed that post, view it here.

So lets get moving onto Today’s Question. You can simply answer my question in the comments box. If you want to start a discussion then “EVERYTHING ABOUT DANCE“, the community is the best option.


According to you, what does it costs us to be a dancer?
P.S- You don’t have to be a dancer necessarily to answer this question. 
I am eagerly waiting for your replies. You have one week’s time to answer this question. The best answer will be shown on my blog homepage by the next Thursday.





Weekly question!!!



I know that I have been posting, Did you know (s) and thought for the day, but I wanted to do something different. Something that will help me know your thoughts. So I decided to start weekly questions. You can simply answer my question in the comments box. If you want to start a discussion then “EVERYTHING ABOUT DANCE“, the community is the best option.


According to you what is the one thing that matters the most in dancing?
P.S- You don’t have to be a dancer necessarily to answer this question.
I am eagerly waiting for your replies. You have one week’s time to answer this question. The best answer will be shown on my blog homepage by the next Thursday.
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The most popular dance form in 


It had been so long,I have not done a Did You Know post. So here it is. Today I will be talking about the most popular dance styles in India.
Talking in general, whenever it is asked, what is the most popular dance form in India, you get an answer like, hip-hop or contemporary. As seen most of the times on television, movies, and dance shows, contemporary and hip hop is pretty famous. However if it is specifically asked about indian dance then Bharatnatyam and Kathak are the most famous dance forms. Hip hop and contemporary aren’t indian dance styles however they have gained a lot of popularity now-a-days. The foreign dance forms started appearing in India ever since late 80’s and 90’s. With the entry of the colored movies in the industry, the dance performed on the songs also started changing, however it was not so popular then

  Now you will find that in every movie we have a little blend of contemporary, hip hop and salsa.

Now if we talk about indian dances, they were always popular. Even in black and white movies, only classical dance could be seen. Only sometimes, some Bollywood dance could be seen.

If course, this was obvious because these are indian dance styles.In the movie Devdas, only classical and Bollywood dance is seen. Bollywood dance is seen in just one or two songs but otherwise Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai performed only Kathak. This movie was released in the beginning of the twenty dancing century and was super hit too.

Thus by all this discussion, what I can conclude is that, Bharatnatyam and Kathak are evergreen dance styles however in the new era, hip hop, contemporary, ballroom dance are also becoming popular.
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Anupriya Kumari




I wrote much but not everything. I wanted to keep a FAQ sort of post for which I need you guys to ask me questions. Anything that you want to know about me or Kathak. Come forward and ask me any question that comes into your mind. Any thing related to me and my passion, self or even something off the topic. I would love to answer your questions so…don’t be shy!!!!




In the hustle bustle of your busy life, you need to take out at least five minutes to meditate.
I know that must of you meditate everyday to calm your mind, wash away the stress, feel relaxed and also feel fresh and active. Some of you might meditate in the morning and some round the sunset, but anytime you meditate you need to reach success. I generally don’t mediate as usual like you guys do. You sit with your legs crossed and play some soft background music and then try to meditate. Well according to no research and experiments, yes you hear right, no research or experiments I guarantee you one way you can meditate. Don’t think I am joking or this is another dance tutorial sort of stuff. This post is how you can meditate with dancing. This is an easy, relaxing and effective method for people who are busy and generally don’t get time to meditate. Come on you busy people. I won’t say to get up and dance but just lay down and follow me. Play some good music on you phone like a romantic song or a touchy one. Anything that would make you feel simply different from the busy people. I love listening to Tum Todo Na Dil Mera. This song is quite good. After you play the song. Go ahead and relax your body and mind. Imagine that a robot or an angel is throwing away red cards that say-lie, dishonesty, cheat, stress, tension, sorrow etc. Try to forget bad memories and keep on revising the happy ones. If you can’t then go ahead and try it my method. Concentrate deeply in the song. Understand the meaning and feeling of the song, and after this start thinking steps that would suit the song the best. If nothing comes into your mind then imagine people doing ballroom dance cause that’s easy to imagine. Anything that would represent a meaningful step will work. Believe me this method works perfectly. If you get irritated then stick back on the previous method…
If nothing works then simply imagine your favourite actor or actress dancing , you can also imagine a graphic video. Like if the lyrics is something related to eyes just imagine a small clip sort of thing that represents eyes zooming in or out….
Alright guys.that’s it. Hope you enjoyed the post. Comment your ideas down below. Love you….

How to be an artist???


When you dance for other’s happiness and according to other’s mood you are called a dancer and you are still learning but when you dance for your own happiness and according to your own mood you are called an artist…..being an artist requires life ling time because to be an artist you need to find your heart and mind at the happiest heights… need to know every single piece of yourself…..your weakness…your strength and your destiny…..

Can dancing be distracting?


Lot of my friends and family is up ask Me if dancing is distracting and I feel that this is a complete myth because dancing is not at all distracting if you love it .
I feel that I am really in love with dancing so I can never ever approve this statement that dancing is distracting. I have been struck up by this question so many times that I really feel that I should share my feelings with you people I hope you understand my feelings and also make sure that you never follow the myth….keep reading….
In my life through out whenever I thought of dancing it was something which I learned or maybe I had a desire to learn. I always thought of what my teacher is going to teach me today and always believed that I am going to learn something new this week when my Teacher comes to teach me Kathak.whenever I work on my blog I feel that I am learning more and sharing my knowledge with you people. 
It is dance which makes me write so much. I can never ever believes that Dancing has ever wasted my time. Something that is distracting is something that wastes your time and its never the things you use your time on could be distracting. people not interested and hate  dancing however might find themselves irritated on seeing one dancing on songs they hate or get distracted by dancers.I never like people who say ,don’t dance on my head with your stupid steps….lol…..
Dancing could be such a successful topic for my blog was really unimaginable but because it is true now I feel extremely happy for myself. I am so happy that I started learning dancing. I never ever knew that I actually love dancing but when my mother admittedly in a dance school  and I  actually started dancing I understood at I really like it and I need to learn more cuz I saw myself at a position where I may find dancing my life….. if you guys ever knew I actually had a blog long ago which was based on art ,drawing, craft and stuff like that but it was really not successful because I was not paying attention to the blog and I deleted it within one week of making it . Now talking about my current blog I am so damn happy about it I never knew that dancing could make me so so happy even though it is about blogging or about learning……

There is not one day that my mother doesn’t scold me for grabbing the phone and blogging the whole day ,preparing my post ,editing them ,recording videos and so many more things makes her quite irritated and she feels that I am actually getting distracted from my studies in school but Mummy the truth is that I really really do not get distracted by dancing and even when I’m studying I pay full concentration on my chapters ,my lessons and I never think of blogging when I am studying .I try my best at it and I never feel that I get distracted at my duties of the day by dancing,my father says me never to waste my career on my hobbies and in other words he means to say that I should never plan my future related to dancing but if I ever get a chance to,I want to become a choreographer….that’s true guys…….

I hope now you understand that hobbies are never a excuse of getting distracted.pls don’t make an excuse of not doing a work that you were thinking about your hobby.take out time separately for your hobbies ,make them a part of your life rather than just a thing which distracts you from your work…..keep dancing….




Hey guys..I am Anupriya and you are on my blog Classical dance with Anu….

Another question arise in my mind…can everyone dance….to be true I believe that if you try your best then if course you can dance….but to the same question you can get many more answers….some people might say,yes and some say,no and some may even say,i dont know maybe…..but if you really dont wanna  be perplexed here you get the correct information…

Yes…of course everyone can dance…somebody might dance a bit awkwardly but that’s OK…they at least try to move there bodies and dont lie down on there couch lazily like you might be sitting right now…Some people dance well and better than others but that really doesn’t make a difference… Cause the more you practice the better you get at anything you do… So keep dancing and if you can’t then keep trying cause trying is the key to success and success makes your amazingly confident and very serious say work… Remember guys everything needs time so don’t lose hope and keep up with me…. Follow , like, comment, subscribe and if you want a tutorial on any song ask for it… I am shears ready for you guys…. Love you!!!




Hey guys…i am back with another post today….ever wondered when and where did kathak originate…

Kathak is popular in northern and eastern India however usually it is not that popular in the south.Going back to the history of Kathak,it actually originated in the northern India in Uttar Pradesh and Benaras however slowly and gradually it spread towards the northwestern areas like Lucknow and Jaipur.

Talking about when it satrted,the exact date isn’t know but we estimate the dates back to 500 BCE to 500 BC.

The Mughals accepted Kathak as a aristocratic entertainment.Many Mughals Patronised the dancers.It was quit popular during this era too along with the time of the Bhakti movement and post colonial era.

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