Last night I found my lost Bluetooth headphone lying in the almirah. I was pretty excited to test it to know whether its like it was or has developed some problem after lying in the closet for like five months between,stuffed between papers and plastic. Fortunately it was completely OK. I watched a few videos😁 and i must admit.. Continue reading “DISCOVERING A NEW INTEREST”




One evening a thought struck me. I tried to forget it but I kept thinking. Read this poem to find out my thoughts…
If I ever left dancing,
Then I would never ever find myself panting.
No Friday would my teacher come and teach me,
No day will I find myself on stage.
At least once in a month I attend a show,
Maybe in my dreams or maybe in my life.
But if I left dancing,
People won’t let me dance and this would rise a strife.
I struggled and worked really hard,
To dance and be popular at school.
But if I left dancing,
Nobody could help me, not even any rule.
My friends will not be upset,
Nor will be my foes.
But my teacher and family will be,
Cause this is not what they choose.
Of course the decision of leaving dancing,
Can never bring back that smile,

Which glowed up the pretty face of my mum when I danced,

And to see it was really worth while.
And once I leave dancing,
There’s no way I can bring it back.
My life will become a showpiece,
All medals and trophies along with memories will be on the rack.
Oh my! Oh my!
Forget this thought of leaving dance.
I cannot survive the sorrow,
No, there’s no chance.
But in this world if I ever do,
Forgive me my soul.
But how will you is what I think of,
As in the name of ever joy dancing plays it’s role.
                                      -by Anupriya Kr.

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The first day I saw my dance teacher was a scary Friday. My mother met her first though. She said that the teacher was a beautiful young lady but really I did not care. All that mattered to me was she must be friendly and not strict.
Earlier I used to learn Kathak in a dance academy but I guess they did not have a fixed teacher cause the teacher changed every month and this kind of a routine was not liked by neither me nor my mother so she decided that there must a private teacher to teach me and well that’s what she did. With the help of a friend my mother found out a great teacher who still is teaching me and will always be like my friend. But the point of this post is how was it to face my teacher the first time. And here’s how it goes…
It was Friday and actually its always Friday. I was eagerly waiting for my new teacher to arrive at our house. Right at 6’o clock I stood in the balcony with my mother and was starring at the entrance of our house waiting for someone to arrive really soon. By the time my teacher came me and mum were chatting. I asked her how does she look? How does she speak? Is she friendly? What kind of dress she wears? What is her age? Which dance form will she teach me? And then my mother said….sigh…. ask the questions one by one. And I asked again, how does she look? She said that the teacher looked beautiful, extremely beautiful. Her skin glows and she isn’t very aged. At least younger than my mother, she was. Then I was smiling. I asked my next question, what dress does she wear and the answer wasn’t really sure. My mother said that the day she met the teacher, she was wearing a suit. But of course she could wear other dresses too. My mum also said that this fact really should not matter to me much. Very true. I attacked my mum with the next question. Is she friendly? Well…my mum said. Yes, she is. She doesn’t have a very sweet voice but not too harsh as well. She is friendly and not strict but could be at times. It all depends on how I dance. Next I asked, she’ll teach me Kathak, right? And answer was yes. And then was my last question, what is her age? My mother said that this should also not matter at all but still she said that the teacher had a daughter an year older than me. And then the chain of questions running in my mind stopped. My teacher arrived. She was wearing a orange suit and was beautiful indeed. She was tall like my mum, slim and a pretty lady. My mother went down to open the lock at the door and then my teacher entered out house. Our house was small then. But that December we were going to move. Because of the shortage of space I had to dance in the hall for a few weeks until we moved on. Before I started dancing my mother talked to my teacher a bit. She said that I was scared about the teacher and was asking to many questions. I felt terrible, why does she have to speak about these questions. Anyways, my teacher laughed and said that her students feel like she looks strict but is not so much. Of course, by looking at a person for the first time you can make a little guess about there mood and do did I. I felt she was strict. My teacher asked my mother for a new notebook or any bind book sort of thing in which I could note down all the bols. My mother managed a new dairy which serves me even now. Poor little diary, it had torn badly last year. But I can manage with it. Next I was to dance. My heart throbbing with excitement and fear. I was feeling like I had to give my finals which I had not, so many times. I was just in upper nursery. Poor little me. She asked me, what have you learnt earlier dear? I answered in a low voice, ma’am I learnt the tatkar of teen taal. The truth was that I learnt many bols but had digested up everything within a few months. All that I could remember was what I performed in front of her, that too wrong. But she said, don’t worry, I’ll teach you. And that was my first class with her. I learnt the tatkar of teen taal. slowly and gradually she taught me many things along with semi classical dance on different types of songs. Initially I hardly spoke to her but now I am so Frank. I share all silly incidents with her at school and house. Her daughter is a really very very good friend of mine. As kids we used to play silly kiddo games but now we just chit chat and have fun. I love my teacher a lot……happy teachers day mam……….. thank you for being this world’s best teacher and a friend…