Anupriya Kumari

Hello everyone. So as you can find clearly from my blog,I am Anupriya Kumari, the young author of ” Everything about dance with Anu”. Yes,anu is my Nick name. Now, if I have to give a detailed information about me, then Here it goes.
I am a women,ok that’s very clear. I am a daughter, sister, grand child,a best friend, teacher to my self,a perfectionist,a blogger,a dancer,a student, Sagittarius(ok that was not required),a niece and lot more. Now to be honest, I am not a twenty year old or more than that. I am a really young teenager, basically.
I love blogging, am blogging and will always be blogging. Alright that’s the end. I don’t have much to say so…… Explore this blog and hopefully you will find something interesting.