So, as the title says,Yes!!! Dance_Craze_ is completing an year today. It was created on the 6th of August 2016 and today,we have completed a beautiful journey of dance with both hit and down voted posts  😛  I have not been regular at this blog recently and I know that I had promised to be regular but due to school I couldn’t really write. This journey had been super colorful I must say. As most of my followers know, this blog was called “EVERYTHING ABOUT DANCE WITH ANU” in the very beginning and it got its new name just a few weeks ago! Also If you people remember, I had started with google blog-spot but after around 4 months I changed to WordPress and No offence,but WordPress has brought me amazing followers who have supported me so so much. I cannot thank you guys enough for the amazing suggestions and the brilliant ideas that have helped me improve the blog every moment. On this happy day I couldn’t do much but shout out to some of my followers and there super amazing blog. If you want a shout out too,let me know through the “Contact me form” and I’m going to shout out out your amazing blog in my next post. Also I have posted a video on YouTube today. Its another dance video and this one is on the song”Mercy by Badshah”. Here it is. Do check it out.

Make sure to smash the like button and subscribe to my channel cause there are many new videos coming.

And now,finally the shout out to some of the super talented bloggers.I am sorry if I missed out any of you 😦  Just click on the names to view the blogs

Durga Dash

Rekha Sahay

Jyotirmoy Sarkar

Carolyn Dennis Willingham

Amit Prakash

Devorah Yentl




Cattie’s World

Masoom Jethwa


Simantini Chatterjee




So that’s it you guys. Once Again I’m sorry if I missed any of the blogs!

Do not forget to check out the video linked above.

Happy blogging,Happy dancing! ❤

Lots of Love,

Anupriya ❤


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