Hey friends. It has been a long time since i wrote my last post. But today i will be discussing about the varios taals in kathak. A lot of my friends who are learning kathak,guys this post is special for you all. So like i have already discussed in a lot of my previos posts there are various different taals in kathak. The most common to hear among them are-

Teentaal,Jhaptaal,Ektaal etc. Because these taals are generally taught in the beginning of learning karthak,you may not hear too much of the taals which we learn in later years of learning kathak. So here,i am going to share the basic theka of these bols. If you could’nt understand what ‘theka’ is ,here is its definition- theka is the basic bol of any taal said in ekgoon or the slowest speed! So without any further ado let’s get started!👇👇👇
Teentaal :

(+) Dha dhin dhin Dha |

(2) Dha dhin dhin dha|

(0) Na tin tin na |

(3) Tete dhin dhin dha|  (+) dha

*The last single word (dha) represents sam( pronounced as som) to end the bol. Similarly every bol has som!


Vibhag or divisions of taal -4

Chhanda or matra in the vibhags -4|4|4|4



(+) Dhi na | (2) Dhi dhi na |

(0) Ti na | (3) Dhi dhi na|  (+) dhi



Chhanda or matra in the vibhags-2/3/2/3



(+) Dhin dhin | (0)  Dhage terekete |

(2) Thu na |  (0) Kat ta|

(3) Dhage terekete | (4) Dhi na|   (+) dhin


Vibhag -6

Chhanda or matra in the vibhags- 2/2/2/2/2/2


Dhamaar taal:

(+) Ka dhe te dhe te |

(2) Dha s |

(0) Ga di ne |

(3) Di ne ta s | (+)  ka

*Here the “s” stands for silence therefore nothing should be said in its place!



Chhanda or matra in the vibhags- 5/2/3/4


Just in case you didn’t understand what the different numbers and that plus sign ( +,2,3,4) are there for,check out this post to understand their meaning.

So,thats it for today. Soon I will be posting a part two for this post. Till then stay tuned guys. 🙂 😀 😄


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