NEW YEAR!!!! 😉  😀




Hey everyone. I hope you are enjoying a lot. Celebration and having fun. i thought of writing a post yesterday and even opened the wp app in my phone to write the post but my poor laziness!!!! huh…..

Anyways I am extremely happy today so I dont want to discuss anything sad,yet I have to. Not many of you participated int he contest I recently had on the blog,which made me cancel it 😦 But its okay.


Anyways lets move on today’s post. Its about dance examinations. I was so happy when you guys gave me suggestions about writing new topics related to dancing and i’ll be writing about the topics soon.


So,dance examinations? How to be a professional dancer and get certificates? Someone on Quora had this same question and I answered it ,the same I am going to share here.

OK,so at the first place you need to pick up a dance style that you want to learn. Find a teacher or a dance school,get admitted there and learn dancing. If you cannot find a dance academy learn from the internet. Its not a problem to learn from internet. Then you need to know about the examination rules ( if you can give an examination of the particular dance style that you learn. ) and find a university where dance examination takes place. Like for kathak, I give examination from Chandigarh board and my dance teacher has personal contact with the center where I give the practical and written exams. Once you find a center and a board,get the form,pay for the form and fill it up and submit it.Then start preparing. Get the exam syllabus,practice hard and on the day of examination perform confidently. Wait for the results to be out and you’ll get the certificate or result sheet. There are different examination you can give. 1st year examination to 8th year examination. 1ST year exams are like beginning your journey and 8th year is like the diploma of dance in the dance form.!!!!!

But I must remind you guys that you shouldn’t dance for name and glory. It isn’t important to give any examinations either unless you want to be a professional dancer. I give examinations because I feel they’ll be a great memory. When I’ll see those certificates,i’ll feel happy about the fact that I once used to give these exams.

Another question that I answered too was,how long does it take to get diploma in kathak?

And this was my answer….

First you need to start giving exams. I dont want to be complicated with this. You need to find everything about the broad through which you are giving the examination. For example ,if you are from wb(west Bengal) you may want to give the examinations from wb board. How ever i give it from Chandigarh board. Depending on the different board you can know how much time it will take to get a diploma in kathak. You need to have tons of knowledge and experience. Generally there are 8 examinations in wb borad and 7 in Chandigarh board. Passing the last year of examination is almost equal to getting diploma!

And did I tell you guys that the number of bells in my ghungroo have now increased. I am excited to dance with a lil more heavy ghungroos. Don’t know what ghungroo is? Check it out!

I hope you enjoyed this post and are also enjoying new year. Best wishes from me to all of you,live a happy and healthy year! ❤ 😀




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