Hi beautiful people! Welcome back to my blog once again. If you are new,make sure to follow this blog for many dancing posts 😉  First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. Hope you enjoyed this amazing day. I really enjoyed a lot today. Tons of happiness,lots of celebration,delicious cake and some prayer. Although,its not my festival,but whats the point of not celebrating it. 

I love and follow Christianity,however I am not a christian by religion. Anyways,share how was your christmas celebration? How many gifts did you get and give? I hope it was awesome! 😀

I want to thanks every one of you for your great suggestions that you gave me in my last post. Check it out. Also check a little contest I had on this blog ,it’s right here! Make sure to participate! Not many of you participated,which made me a lil sad but no worries,I am sure you’ll participate now!!! 😀

I know,Christmas is almost over but can’t help it. I was so busy today. A friend of mine asked me if I had written anything on my blog today,and that’s what made me get on the pc and write the post.


A little thought for the end


Love xoxoxo ❤ ❤




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