Welcome back guys! Today i am going to discuss about something very important in kathak. It is called tatkaar. If you don’t already know what this is,you must check out this post. It’ll help you understand the terms,i am gonna used throughout the post a little better. So tatkar is the leg work in kathak. According to the different speeds of saying a bol  On your hands,you have speeds for moving your legs too. I have explained about GOON  and also the bol of teentaal in the same post I’ve linked.


Now,tatkaar can be performed on any of the taals in kathak( Teentaal, Jhaptaal, Ektaal, Dhamaar Taal etc.) The bol of Teentaal is already shared but not of jhaptaal or ektaal etc. Before moving on to such complicated taals,you need to practice the basic taal or teentaal (also called Tritaal). Starting with slow speed we,increase the speed little by little. Have a look at this video and you’ll understand better.( NOTE: I don’t own this video)

So as you can clearly see that the dancer is increasing her speed slowly and steadily. She also shows how your posture should be. This is how we perform Tatkaar. You can also perform tatkaar on the following bol-

Ta          Thei    Thei       Tat         Aa          Thei       Thei      Tat

(right)  (left)   (right)  (left)      (left )  (right)        (left)    (right)

And then we can increase the speed as we continue the same cycle.

So that was all about Tatkaar. You don’t need to learn tatkaar because it is a part of kathak but also because it will help you a lot in performing or choreographing dance based on kathak. Tatkaar is the basic thing that you will definitely need to learn.

Happy blogging and dancing

Love ❤ ❤ ❤



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