Last night I found my lost Bluetooth headphone lying in the almirah. I was pretty excited to test it to know whether its like it was or has developed some problem after lying in the closet for like five months ,stuffed between papers and plastic. Fortunately it was completely OK. I watched a few videos😁 and i must admit..It was awesome to watch them! First of all they were those of Superwoman and secondly the audio was loud and clear,over all the background sounds.  Oh,it was so amazing 🙂  but something even amazing and pleasure full thing was to happen next 😝 When it was almost 11’o clock and i was about to sleep,an idea bubbled up in my head. I decided to listen to some music and assumed that it may help me sleep better. I quickly opened the saavn app in the phone and played my favourite playlist. It was the ” Hymn for the weekend” that was the first song. I really love this song by the awesome Coldplay. I have also heard this song many times before but TBH,not so closely as i was able to do then. Say it,was the magic of the headphones or maybe something else. I was busy typing in the Indiblogger chat. As soon as the music started my hands suddenly stopped. I was so lost in each beat,the drum,the piano everything was so so fascinating😄 I was feeling like that was the best moment of my life. I was petrified…really! I was completely lost,amidst my family,continuously chatting. I was busy within myself,thinking of some cool steps,understanding what each word of the song actually meant. I was so careless that i couldn’t hear the phone ringing,after my mum left the room. I was alone with closed eyes and lost mind. All of the sudden when mum entered the room and stated scolding me,i got up hurriedly. My eyes were almost wet when my mum was shouting at me. Hiding my tear,i went into the washroom. A tear or two rolled down my cheeks. I then,was straight into the bed.  Today i realised,i discovered a new interest,music,beats,drum,piano…and everything else that is in a song. Every beat was still beating in the ears! I felt amazing. I realised,that one line of the song “LIFE’S A DRINK AND LOVE’S A DRUG” is true…very true  😉




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