MY 50th BLOG POST! 😀 ❤

I am so so so happy because today I am presenting my 50th blog post. I created my blog on 6th of august this year,so it’s roughly 3 months old. In three months I wrote 50 posts including this one. And this post is going to be about the amazing and interesting STORY OF KATHAK !!! 

Of course nobody made up this story,but history(the subject I hate 😦 ) leads us to the interesting fact which gave KATHAK its real meaning.


The Kathak Dance is an important dance form which is quite popular in many parts of India,especially  north India. The kathak is derived from a Sanskrit word”Katha” which means prayer of god in the form of a story. The kathak or the so-called story tellers performed this dance int he north Indian temples accompanied by gestures and songs. With the spread of the Bhakti movement in the fifteenth century and sixteenth century,the kathak dance evolved into a distinct form of dance. The kathak story tellers used this form of dance in the Rasa lila in the devotional legends of Radha Krishna.

Under the Mughals this form of dance further developed and began to be performed in the Mughal court as well. Soon it developed int he two different traditions or ‘gharanas’ one linked with the courts of Rajasthan(Jaipur) and the other with the courts of Lucknow. Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadhi was a famous patron of the lucknow tradition/ghenana. Slowly and slowly by the third quarters of the 19th century the kathak form of dance became popular in the area of present-day Punjab,Haryana,Bihar,Madhya Pradesh and even Jammu and Kashmir. Emphasis was now laid on elaborate costumes,rapid footwork and the superb enactment of stories. after independence this form of  dance was recognized as one of the six forms of classical dance in the country.

So,I hope you enjoyed this interesting story of kathak. If you have any questions regarding anything ,you can ask me here:



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