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It’s a very fascinating fact about kathak for me,the spins! Yes,when a dancer spins the look,aggression and the gracefulness fills my heart with the spirit of dancing and makes me feel amazingly loved with the talent of dancing. Today I will be discussing something similar. We’ll be talking about the spins in kathak. And the fact is that

a kathak dancer can/has to spin 9 times continuously and 27 times with a 1 beat break every 9 spin. Although this isn’t tough for an expert(obviously) but sound tough indeed. I learnt these spins a few weeks ago. Although I haven’t learnt the 27 spins yet,I am practising the 9 spin bol. And so this is yet. Bye bye.

P.S- I am extremely sorry guys. I have been really busy with Dipavali preparations at home,so I couldn’t post since a while. But I promise I will get back very soon. Wish you guys a VERY HAPPY DHANTERAS and advance WISHES FOR DIWALI!!!! ❤ ❤ 😀



I am a dancer and a student. While I am still learning Kathak,I share my experience and Kathak tutorial. I ain't a really good poet but I love writing.And yes I am extremely frank. Overall I can say that I am a person with both positive and negative attitude. And obviously,I love dancing.

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