The interesting dress of Kathak


As I had mentioned in one of my previous posts, dressing style and sense are really important part of any dance form. Specially, in classical dance forms like kathak,bharatnatyam, kuchipuddi,kathakali, odissi etc. You can view the post here.


Today however,I will only be throwing light on the amazing dress of Kathak. Of course, as seen by many of you, in pictures and videos, the dress of Kathak looks very simple but has a motive behind it. The dress was not just designed to make the dancer look extremely beautiful but also provide extreme comfort while dancing. Every dance style is different from each other and so is there dress. Now, without talking more, let’s discuss each part of kathak dress individually along with there importance.Top to bottom…

Hair– A simple braid with some crystal pins. This only makes the dancer look more beautiful when she spins, as her braid also spins.


Top wear- Any simple  frocksuit  also called frock style suit or kurti.   A  lot of embroidery is generally lot liked. This style of kurti is chosen ,so as to make the dancer look graceful when he/she spins !

Bottom wear-Simple white    Churidar or leggings. Others colours are allowed, but shouldn’t be too dark. The colour doesn’t matter in stage performances, but in examination.

Important accessories-   Ghungroo or bells are extremely important. Without them kathak can never be performed. There importance is explained here.

Other accessories like jewellery are optional. A dupatta also described as a thin piece of cloth is also a must.


And that’s it. I hope you enjoyed knowing about the dress of kathak .If so, make sure to like the post and share it with friends and families. To get notifications for new posts, like this, follow this blog!



4 thoughts on “The interesting dress of Kathak”

  1. Great post. Just one feedback on your blog – when you provide hyperlinks to other posts, make it in such a way that it opens the hyperlinked post in a new window or tab or the browser. Happy blogging!

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