So, as all of you know that I started a special post called”WEEKLY QUESTIONS” on 29th of September. Also I continued this series. Last week’s question was,According to you what does it cost us to be a dancer?
Three bloggers answered my question -Rekha sahay,Amit Kumar Jha and Sreedhar Bhattaram. Out of these i found the best answer was written by-

Sreedhar bhattaram who blogs here.
You can view his answer on the right sidebar of my blog. He is a superb blogger with a mind boiling with inspirational and motivational ideas. Do view his blog and I am sure that you will like it.

So lets get moving onto Today’s Question. You can simply answer my question in the comments box. If you want to start a discussion then “EVERYTHING ABOUT DANCE“, the community is the best option.Do you know about the great dancer and actress,Sudha Chandran? If not,read her life story asap.Then asnwer my question…..


What are your ideas about this famous dancer? Say in one sentence.
P.S- You don’t have to be a dancer necessarily to answer this question.
I am eagerly waiting for your replies. You have one week’s time to answer this question. The best answer will be shown on my blog homepage by the next Thursday.Till then, keep dancing, smiling and reading
Lots of love,

2 thoughts on “WEEKLY QUESTION 3”

  1. Sudha Chandran is one of the most inspirational persons of our time. At a young age of 16, her right leg had to be amputated as it developed gangrene after an accident. Not one to be buried under lost hope and depression, she took it upon herself to prove to the world her mettle. Fitted with an artificial leg, she restarted dancing and won many laurels. She also acted in numerous movies and has been an inspiration to a generation. I think she was and still is a fighter, a gem of an artist and a rare and exceptional human being, who has offered lessons on courage, hope and determination to the entire world.

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    1. Absolutely yes! Her Story is extremely inspirational and a great motivation to whole world. If you have dedication and determination towards your goal, you can always achieve it 😀


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