So as you already know that I started a special post called “WEEKLY QUESTIONS” last week. So we are going to continue this series. I had said that the best answer to my question will be shown on my blog homepage and so is it. You can find the answer on the right sidfebar of the blog. The answer was written by
Arohii, the blogger of the awesome blog ” JOIE DE VIVRE ” Do check out her blog out and I am sure you will like it. The other answers were given by Tomichan Matheikal, Dilip Kumar and Urvashi. I would like to thank you all for answering to this question. If you had missed that post, view it here.

So lets get moving onto Today’s Question. You can simply answer my question in the comments box. If you want to start a discussion then “EVERYTHING ABOUT DANCE“, the community is the best option.


According to you, what does it costs us to be a dancer?
P.S- You don’t have to be a dancer necessarily to answer this question. 
I am eagerly waiting for your replies. You have one week’s time to answer this question. The best answer will be shown on my blog homepage by the next Thursday.




8 thoughts on “WEEKLY QUESTION 2”

  1. I agree with you.We cannot describe dance in words. Dance cannot be written down on paper, it cannot be said or told but can be done, to express the feelings which are tough to explain otherwise.


  2. मित्र रेखा जी का आभार जो आपके ब्लॉग सूत्र तक पहुंचाया आप यदि मैं गलत नहीं हूँ तो वही हैं न इन्दिब्लोग्गर चैट में अनुप्रिया नृत्य में अभिरुचि रखने वाली ब्लॉगर , शुभकामनायें आपको लिखती रहिए


  3. बहुत ही कमाल का प्रश्न किया आपने अनुप्रिया , नृत्य को परिभाषित कर पाना अपने आप में एक दुर्लभ कार्य है ठीक वैसे ही जैसे सुरताल में खुद को पिरो कर नृत्य करना , नृत्य तो जीवन प्रवाह का , गतिमान होने का , हमारे चलायमान होने का , हमारी जीवंतता का प्रमाण भी है और प्रतीक भी आप तो स्वयं नृत्यकला की गुणी शिष्या हैं , नृत्य भाव है , छवि है महसूस सकते हैं कर सकते हैं इससे अधिक नृत्य को लिख नहीं सकते या ये कहूँ कि अब शब्दों ने थिरकने से रुक कर ठहरने को कहा है


  4. As I understand dancing is one of the great artistic expressions for which a few people are truly tuned to the highest level.. For such personalities, nothing is a shortage and nothing is a limit.. When one expresses himself/herself thus with such a great thrust from within it actually costs nothing except the minimum as equally the surroundings too become highly favorable and supportive for the cause.. Best wishes!


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