Weekly question!!!



I know that I have been posting, Did you know (s) and thought for the day, but I wanted to do something different. Something that will help me know your thoughts. So I decided to start weekly questions. You can simply answer my question in the comments box. If you want to start a discussion then “EVERYTHING ABOUT DANCE“, the community is the best option.


According to you what is the one thing that matters the most in dancing?
P.S- You don’t have to be a dancer necessarily to answer this question.
I am eagerly waiting for your replies. You have one week’s time to answer this question. The best answer will be shown on my blog homepage by the next Thursday.
Till then, keep dancing, smiling and reading

8 thoughts on “WEEKLY QUESTION”

  1. I absolutely agree with your point. In carnivals and functions i find a few of my friends quit scared to come on the stage. I too believe that you should dance as if no one's watching! Thanks for answering to the question!


  2. I think one thing that's important in dance is carelessness or fearlessness. Tbh I know people who Are hesitant to get on the floor and move as they say, dance like no one's if one is carefree no matter how and what..he will get into the music and let his body follow the beats ����


  3. I absolutely agree with you! A few days back,I even wrote a post regarding this matter. Yes, winners are the people who generally perform only stunts. For some exceptional dancing styles ,I must say, are only based on performing stunts. 🙂


  4. I think facial expressions matter in dance. Dance is an art form for expressing your feelings – joy, anger, happiness. Sadly, these days dance is synonym to gymnastics. On tv shows, the winner is generally the person who performs maximum stunts. But thats not dance. I hope you agree


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