In the hustle bustle of your busy life, you need to take out at least five minutes to meditate.
I know that must of you meditate everyday to calm your mind, wash away the stress, feel relaxed and also feel fresh and active. Some of you might meditate in the morning and some round the sunset, but anytime you meditate you need to reach success. I generally don’t mediate as usual like you guys do. You sit with your legs crossed and play some soft background music and then try to meditate. Well according to no research and experiments, yes you hear right, no research or experiments I guarantee you one way you can meditate. Don’t think I am joking or this is another dance tutorial sort of stuff. This post is how you can meditate with dancing. This is an easy, relaxing and effective method for people who are busy and generally don’t get time to meditate. Come on you busy people. I won’t say to get up and dance but just lay down and follow me. Play some good music on you phone like a romantic song or a touchy one. Anything that would make you feel simply different from the busy people. I love listening to Tum Todo Na Dil Mera. This song is quite good. After you play the song. Go ahead and relax your body and mind. Imagine that a robot or an angel is throwing away red cards that say-lie, dishonesty, cheat, stress, tension, sorrow etc. Try to forget bad memories and keep on revising the happy ones. If you can’t then go ahead and try it my method. Concentrate deeply in the song. Understand the meaning and feeling of the song, and after this start thinking steps that would suit the song the best. If nothing comes into your mind then imagine people doing ballroom dance cause that’s easy to imagine. Anything that would represent a meaningful step will work. Believe me this method works perfectly. If you get irritated then stick back on the previous method…
If nothing works then simply imagine your favourite actor or actress dancing , you can also imagine a graphic video. Like if the lyrics is something related to eyes just imagine a small clip sort of thing that represents eyes zooming in or out….
Alright guys.that’s it. Hope you enjoyed the post. Comment your ideas down below. Love you….

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