It’s not the same as passion…

You may think that you may be in love with something you love dearly or think that it’s your passion for life but love is something which cannot be explained in clear words unless you can express your emotions and actually cannot control your feelings towards it….

Be it day or night I think about dance, Its my passion for life…. Now to be true I really don’t think I can live without dancing for even an hour… Its Also true that I keep dancing when I stand and when I sit, even though I don’t have time to practice dancing everyday some moments make me complete the practice everyday…. Although my teacher scolds me every week for not practicing my lessons and not remembering the bol(tasks in Kathak) that she last taught me but I myself know that I love dancing and when my mother says that if I don’t practice she will make me quite dancing, I cry…. I know that I can not stop dancing let it be my blog that makes me remember to dance, my teacher, my mother, my life or my love, whatsoever it is I know I am in love … With dancing…. Of course I cannot do all the dancing styles but whatever I can ,I know it’s a passion ,a love and I know that I know it is….I really cannot make you guys believe that I love dancing and I know there must be better words to describe this love but the truth is that I LOVE DANCING!!!!

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