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Have you guys ever wondered how many taals do we have in kathak?

We have more than around 12 taals in kathak which slowly and gradually everyone learns if they learn kathak.

The taals are differentiated on the basis of the matras ,chondo ,vibhag ,taali and khali……confused?

Don’t worry….search “about kathak” in the search box in the blog and you will find the definition of the following terms along with many more…..starting from teen taal i am going to post about jhaptaal ,dhamar taal, ektaal etc.

So guys keep visiting my blog,view my dance videos and if you want a tutorial then let me know by texting in the comments box below,don’t forget to subscribe,like and follow me…



I am a dancer and a student. While I am still learning Kathak,I share my experience and Kathak tutorial. I ain't a really good poet but I love writing.And yes I am extremely frank. Overall I can say that I am a person with both positive and negative attitude. And obviously,I love dancing.

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