Hey guys..I am Anupriya and you are on my blog Classical dance with Anu….

Another question arise in my mind…can everyone dance….to be true I believe that if you try your best then if course you can dance….but to the same question you can get many more answers….some people might say,yes and some say,no and some may even say,i dont know maybe…..but if you really dont wanna  be perplexed here you get the correct information…

Yes…of course everyone can dance…somebody might dance a bit awkwardly but that’s OK…they at least try to move there bodies and dont lie down on there couch lazily like you might be sitting right now…Some people dance well and better than others but that really doesn’t make a difference… Cause the more you practice the better you get at anything you do… So keep dancing and if you can’t then keep trying cause trying is the key to success and success makes your amazingly confident and very serious say work… Remember guys everything needs time so don’t lose hope and keep up with me…. Follow , like, comment, subscribe and if you want a tutorial on any song ask for it… I am shears ready for you guys…. Love you!!!


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