Why do we dance?


If you guys ever wondered…..why the hell do people dance….then you might get to know that its just cause they can….right?
Well…you are wrong….I dance cause of many reasons and so do the others too….
You move when you listen to music
Let it be any music…but I can move myself when music is around….and so do others who are in love with dance…
Its a passion
I am very much passionate for dance…even when I am arranging the dishes in the kitchen I sing songs and some where or the other in my brain I think of steps that can suit the sins and represent it the best………and do do people who are passionate for dance
You go out of control
Dance can make me losemy control.once I start moving there is only my mind that can head me back to the real world…..this had happened to me a number of tones that I’d I really come in the mood I really can’t stop….
You fall in love
I literally can’t stop thinking about dance….it’s around me….let be a program at my school or a competition…dance drags me with it every where….
Its an exercise.
Many people dance cause they believe it burns calories….well that’s true… I must say that out is the best ways you can get fit with fun
It make you feel so stress free….
When I am quit active boy in boredom I just get up…start the music and move my body……when I stop thinking of just dance…I feel relaxed….who thinks I’d all the tension then…….
So these were the reasons I love to dance and I dance………..
Remember top stay tuned guys…..many things are coming up….subscribe to the bluff……follow me….love you!!!!!


I am a dancer and a student. While I am still learning Kathak,I share my experience and Kathak tutorial. I ain't a really good poet but I love writing.And yes I am extremely frank. Overall I can say that I am a person with both positive and negative attitude. And obviously,I love dancing.

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