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Super excited!!!!!


I am super excited guys… first plan was to create a you tube channel but no time…sorry. So lastly i came up with this idea…of creating a blog. To my own surprise i have learnt more than around 25 songs on which i can dance…however that isn’t so surprising to you guys..maybe…anyways stay tuned and support me…i have added all possible features in the blog…but i can never deny your suggestions…so please give me more ideas …..don’t forget to follow me …i am not on twitter,Instagram,or snap chat etc.but hope i will join these soon..this was my first post…i will continue posting dance tutorials…videos and things you people may request as and when possible…..

P.S – This is a very old post, I sound so stupid…


I am a dancer and a student. While I am still learning Kathak,I share my experience and Kathak tutorial. I ain't a really good poet but I love writing.And yes I am extremely frank. Overall I can say that I am a person with both positive and negative attitude. And obviously,I love dancing.

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